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Contract Manufacturing Services

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Leveraging on our rich industry experience and knowledge, we bring Contract Manufacturing Services in Maharashtra, India. We are backed by a team, containing optical and mechanical engineers, to entertain the best range of engineering services. Clients can approach us for acquiring glass optics, plastic optics, coatings, assembly, etc. In addition, we make use of high-grade material and sophisticated technology for manufacturing them. We work on ethics and are concerned about intellectual property rights, so we sign an agreement with our patrons, which we pursue in letter and spirit.


Some Of The Products Recently Developed At Lensel By Our Customers

Galilean Telescopes With Led Light. :

  • The entire optics used in this system consisting of a BBAR coated plastic doublet (PMMA and PC lens), BBAR coated plastic bicave, LED optics and assembly was developed at Lensel.
  • The molds for the various mechanical parts used including the components of the hinge, the LED light, the LED light attachment and the Ocular casing were also developed by us.
  • We also implemented the electrical design of our customer which included a customized Battery Case with intensity settings and LED driver circuits.
  • Thus we helped our customer with the optical, mechanical and electrical development of his product and continue to supply it exclusively to him.


Glass Lens Assemblies :

  • We have designed, prototyped and supplied various customized glass lens assemblies including all types of imaging systems, telephoto lenses, telecentric lenses, fiber optic couplers etc.
  • We assist our customers in every step including specifying the optical requirements, lens design, mechanical design of housing, prototyping,pilot runs and finally bulk supply.
  • Our optical designs are done by our Chief Optical Engineer, Mr. S. S. Rege who is also one of our directors. Mr. Rege has a BS and MS in Optical engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. He has worked as an optical research engineer in the US prior to joining Lensel and has 5 US patents in optical design.


Otoscope : We have developed complete imaging systems consisting of aspheric plastic lenses for use in the medical field. A US based medical devices company recently developed an Otoscope with us using 3 aspheric lenses. Due to the biological limitations of the human ear, the front lenses of this system were only 2.20 mm in diameter with complex, multi-coefficient higher order aspheric surfaces. The product produced sharp images of the inner ear and has been approved by our customer. We manufacture the lenses, coat them, assemble them and do the complete product testing for the customer.  


Periscope For Nuclear Reactor :

  • We were approached by the scientists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) in India to develop and test the optics for a Periscope to be used to inspect the dome of a Nuclear Power Plant in India.
  • We helped with the design and tolerancing of the lens layout. We also manufactured all the lenses, prisms and other optical elements needed for the Periscope Layout, including lenses using cerium stabilized radiation resistant glass.
  • Finally we created a 30 foot long optical rail and fabricated stages and mounts for all the optical components. The entire Periscope optics was mounted and aligned on this open rail to verify the optics of the Periscope before it was shipped to the site.


Reverse Engineering Of Optical Layouts : Our skilled team of optical engineers is able to reverse engineer any optical system. Our thorough study includes de-bonding of doublets, study of all optical parameters, determination of optical glass used and transmission curve of the coating used. Using these techniques that have been honed over the years, we have achieved a very high success rate in our reverse engineering jobs. Some of our more challenging reverse engineered complex multi-lens systems include a Night Vision Binocular for an Indian defense company, a range of medical imaging devices for a Brazilian customer, fiber optic coupler etc.

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